How To Use Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest is a strong tool that can be used for Search Engine Optimization. Before you create a board and start pinning, read on about how to use Pinterest for SEO.

The first step in creating an account is entering your first and last name. The words you enter here are going to be the words shown in the URL. For example, if you enter your name as Rene Matts, the URL will show renem Therefor, choose your name wisely, as it will show up in the URL.

Use keywords as your name. Take this as an example: This user is doing SEO for a China proxy. However, once the account is created, the user went and changed her name to Anabelle, and the URL stays with the original keywords chinaproxy. Cool, huh? Another great section that is crawled by the search engine is the “about” section. Use the 200 words wisely.

Now that you have optimized Pinterest with your keywords, lets get started with creating boards. This user is promoting a website for Facebook access in China (hence, China proxy) And so she created a few boards that relate to the subject. It is important (okay, and fun) to create different boards and use Pinterest as a real pinner.

how to use pinterest for seo1

When creating your boards, again, use keywords. When you save a photo onto your computer, use keywords. Pin the photo to your board and in the description, use your keywords. For example, the name of this board are the keywords “how to access Facebook in China” and this website was pinned into that board. Once the pin below is clicked on, it will take you to the website that was added to the photo below:

how to use pinterest for seo2You can create different boards with different names for each board. When someone searches for how to access Facebook in China that board will show in the Google search results. If someone is searching for Unblock YouTube in China that board will show in the search results. If someone is looking for Diamonds are a girl’s best friend then that board may show up in the results. You get the hang of it, right? Try it yourself, use Pinterest for SEO!


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